Thinking Outside of the Box to Treat Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain can be very debilitating for both the worker and athlete. The causes of shoulder pain are many.  The most common sources of shoulder pain are the rotator cuff tendons, capsule and bursa.  Pain can be both exquisite pain at the tendonous attachment site or referred pain to the upper arm.  Either way, these conditions may be treated with relatively good outcomes provided there isn’t serious disruption of the involved structures. 

Most importantly, it is the responsibility of a skilled therapist to properly diagnose the condition, locate the cause and then treat accordingly.  In many cases, the onset of pain is not the result of direct trauma but rather an indirect trauma sustained over time with repetitive motion and the lack of incorporation of other muscle groups that assist in function. 

For example, if a baseball pitcher or golfer relies solely on shoulder strength to generate force and momentum rather than incorporating oblique core and hip muscles to help to produce speed and distance on the ball, the result could be overuse of the rotator cuff with a resulting tendonitis or even tearing of those structures.   Another example is a homemaker with shoulder pain.  Reaching into cupboards above they may have insufficiency in the muscles that are counted on to position the shoulder blade properly in order to prevent the rotator cuff from pinching.  This is called impingement. 

At BodyPro Physical Therapy, let us apply outside the box thinking to your shoulder issues and help you get back in to action.  For more information or to make an appointment, call BodyPro Physical Therapy at (808) 887-1371.

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