Causes of Knee Pain can be corrected with proper Foot Mechanics.

Many people have knee pain that has come on gradually or there has been an incident that has resulted in pain.  Typically, the pain is experienced with stair climbing, squatting, jumping or simply, just walking.  These are the typical activities where knee pain is felt.  Patients are often frustrated with the pain because they cannot identify the incident that caused it in the first place and it can be very debilitating to the average person and very frustrating to athletes. 

Well, look down … way down … it may be your feet that are the cause!

Pain that occurs without incident is typically considered to be an overuse syndrome.  Imagine you and two other workers are working on a project that must be completed in a given time.  One of your co-workers gets sick and the other is only working at half his normal speed.  That means that you have to work harder and now you are injured because of it.  Imagine a car traveling on half inflated tires; the loss of efficiency results in the consumption of more gas.  That is an analogy for an overuse syndrome. 

When the muscles of the lower leg are working harder to control the foot, the lower leg becomes inefficient and overuse injuries occur; your butt muscles, thigh muscles and calf muscles are working against one another and this is when tendonitis, shin splints, compromise of the ligaments and foot pain can occur.  Pes planus, commonly known as flat feet, is typically the cause.  Some of the diagnoses you may have heard of are plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, posterior tibialis tendonitis, bunions, shin splints, patello-femoral pain syndrome, hip and knee bursitis, just to name a few.

Our Certified Pedorthist at BodyPro Physical Therapy can perform a complete biomechanical analysis of your feet and lower extremity to determine the cause of your pain.  If the feet are indicated as being the problem, we can make custom orthotics for your specific needs whether you are an athlete or walker. 

We can also evaluate for custom sandals to suit your life style.  All of our orthotics are produced at Biomechanical Services laboratory located in Walnut, California.

For more information, contact BodyPro Physical Therapy, Inc. at 808-887-1371. 

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