Henshaw Recline Soft-Shell Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Chamber


Henshaw Recline Soft-Shell Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Chamber

  • 1.31 ATA (4.5 psi) operating pressure
  • Triple zip system for strength and durability
  • 2 transparent viewing windows
  • Chamber protection cover (variety of colours available)
  • Popular model for those more comfortable in a seated position
  • Emergency valve to depressurise
  • Easy to operate with internal pressure gauge
  • Oxygen delivery under pressure via face mask (optional)
  • Internal metal frame to keep shape when deflated
  • Recline seat allows ability to sit up
  • Oil free air compressor with filtration down to 0.001 microns


Henshaw Recline Dimensions & Specifications

  • Height 110cm / 43”
  • Width 70cm / 27.5”
  • Length 170cm / 67”
  • Weight 13kg
  • Pressure 1.31 ATA / 4.5 psi
Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Recline

Photo courtesy of Henshaw Hyperbaric Chambers

Mask Optional

Jake Recline Hyperbaric

Photo courtesy of Henshaw Hyperbaric Chambers

Recline Hyperbaric

Photo courtesy of Henshaw Hyperbaric Chambers

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is a painless and non-invasive oxygen therapy that involves the administration of oxygen at a higher-than-normal pressure.

Q:  What happens during a HBOT session?

There are several stages during a typical therapy.

  • The first stage is compression in which the chamber is pressurised to the prescribed pressure
  • You may feel warm for a few minutes at the start of therapy
  • You may feel a slight pressure in your ears or sinuses during the session
  • The chamber is maintained at this pressure (depth) while you breathe in the oxygen for the length of time prescribed in your programme (60-90 minutes) as much as 120 minutes if required.
  • You may feel sleepy during the therapy
  • The chamber is then depressurised, and the therapy is finished
  • You may feel cool and slightly tired at the end of the therapy

Q:  What does Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy feel like?

As HBOT is a pressurised air therapy, the start and end of your therapy may feel like the take-off or landing of an aeroplane. As the pressure builds in the chamber, the pressure builds within your ears, which may leave you with a popping or fullness sensation. Ears are easily equalised, this sensation only affects some people and should only last 10-15 minutes at most.

Q:  Is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy safe?

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is an extremely safe, non-invasive therapy, with very few rare potential side effects.

Q: Do I need a doctor’s referral?

No, but before your initial session we will include a safety screening consultation to ensure it is safe for you to undergo therapy.

Q: What are the side effects?

The pressure used in most Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy chambers, outside of a clinical setting, is mild, and therefore any side effects are extremely rare. However, it is common to feel slightly tired following a HBOT session.

Q: Will clients feel claustrophobic?

Some people do feel claustrophobic during therapy however most chambers have several viewing windows that have been designed to help prevent feelings of claustrophobia and allow as much light into the chamber as possible.

Q: How long is each session?

A typical therapy lasts 60 minutes but may be longer depending on the individual’s personal condition and needs.

We will discuss this with each client at their initial assessment.

Q: How high is the pressure?

In a soft-shell chamber, different levels of pressure can be used depending on the need of the individual. However, typically the pressure is up to 1.5 ATA. A hard-shell chamber may offer higher pressures of up to around 2 ATA.

We wouldn’t recommend a higher-pressure chamber outside of a clinical setting for safety reasons, but also because pressures higher than 2 ATA are not necessary for everyday use.

Q: How much therapy will clients need to see any results?

The ‘40-hour protocol’ is considered by experts as the gold standard for many of the benefits that can be achieved with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. But everyone is different, so each client should have a therapy programme personalised to their needs.

In the same essence, results will inevitably vary depending on their personal programme, situation, and needs. Some people will see immediate benefits, whereas others may not see any benefits until after their therapy series is complete.

Q: What can clients do inside the chamber?

Most HBOT sessions are for one hour, and most people enjoy taking the time to just relax. However, people can take in mobile phones, tablets or even laptops to use while they are in the chamber. 

Q: Does the chamber get hot?

Some people find the chamber can get warm.

Our Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber is equipped with an air cooling systems which can be adjusted to ensure that the atmosphere inside remains comfortable throughout the therapy session.



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